( भगवान् रमणमहर्षि विरचितम्)
अरुणाचल परमात्मन्
   अरुणो भव चित्तकञ्जसुविकासाय
O ocean of ambrosia, the
overflowing fullness of grace! O Arunachala, supreme spirit, by [whose] series
of rays the solid form of the universe is swallowed! Be the sun for the
complete blossoming of [my] mind-lotus.
त्वय्यरुणाचल सर्वं
    भूत्वा स्थित्वा
     नृत्यसि भोस्ते
वदन्ति हृदयं नाम ॥२॥
Arunachala! In you all this picture comes into existence, is sustained, and is destroyed.
You dance in the heart as self (or spirit) as ‘I’, [and hence] they say ‘heart’
is name to you.
अहमिति कुत आयाती-
  त्यन्विष्यान्तः प्रविष्टयात्यमलधिया।
अवगम्य स्वं रूपं
   शाम्यत्यरुणाचल त्वयि नदीवाब्धौ॥३॥
O Arunachala! By a very blemishless mind having sought
thus, “From where does it
come as ‘I’?”, having entered within, and having
known one’s own form, one becomes
still in you, like a river in the ocean.
त्यक्त्वा विषयं बाह्यं
    रुद्धप्राणेन रुद्धमनसान्तस्त्वाम्।
ध्यायन् पश्यति योगी
   दीधितिमरुणाचल त्वयि महीयन्ते ॥४॥
O Arunachala! Having
given up external objects and having meditated upon you within
by a mind restrained by
the restrained breath, the yogi sees the light. They are exalted
in you.
त्वय्यर्पितमनसा त्वां
   पश्यन् सर्वं तवाकृतितया सततम्।
भजतेऽनन्य प्रीत्या
  स जयत्यरुणाचल त्वयि सुखे मग्नः॥५॥
O Arunachala! Seeing you by mind surrendered in you,
he who by otherless love always worships everything as your form, triumphs
having drowned in bliss in you.

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