(श्रीमद्भागवतम् – स्कन्धः८, अध्यायः १८)
 [The English
translation is largely based on that of  the disciples of His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as given in the “Srimad Bhagavatam”
published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust]
इत्थं विरिञ्चस्तुतकर्मवीर्यः
   प्रादुर्बभूवामृतभूरदित्याम् ।
चतुर्भुजः शङ्खगदाब्जचक्रः
    पिशङ्गवासा नलिनायतेक्षणः॥१॥
Sukadeva Gosvami said:
After Lord Brahma had thus spoken, glorifying the Supreme Lord’s activities and
prowess, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is never subject to death like
an ordinary living being, appeared from the womb of Aditi.  His four hands were decorated with a conch
shell, club, lotus and disc. He was dressed in yellow garments, and His eyes
appeared like the petals of a blooming lotus.
श्यामावदातो झषराजकुण्डल-
   त्विषोल्लसच्छ्रीवदनाम्बुजः पुमान्।
श्रीवत्सवक्षा वलयाङ्गदोल्लसत्
    किरीटकाञ्चीगुणचारुनूपुरः ॥२॥
The body of the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, of dark complexion, was free from all blemishes.  His lotus face, decorated with earrings,  resembling fish in shape,  appeared very beautiful and on His bosom was
the mark of Srivatsa.  He wore bangles on
His wrists, armlets on His arms, a helmet on His head, a belt on His waist, a
sacred thread across his chest, and ankle bells decorating His lotus feet.  
मधुव्रतव्रातविघुष्टया स्वया
   विराजितः श्रीवनमालया हरिः।
प्रजापतेर्वेश्मतमः स्वरोचिषा
   विनाशयन् कण्ठनिविष्टकौस्तुभः ॥३॥
An uncommonly beautiful
garland of flowers decorated His bosom, and because the flowers were extremely
fragrant, a large group of bees, making their natural humming sounds, invaded
them for honey.  When the Lord appeared,
wearing the Kaustubha gem on His neck, His effulgence vanquished the darkness
in the home of the Prajapati Kashyapa.
दिशः प्रसेदुः सलिलाशयास्तदा
   प्रजाः प्रहृष्टा ऋतवो गुणान्विताः ।
द्यौरन्तरिक्षं क्षितिरग्निजिह्वा               
   गावो द्विजाः संजहृषुर्नगाश्च ॥४॥
At that time, there was
happiness (clarity, sparkle)  in all
directions, in the reservoirs of water like the rivers and oceans, and in the
core of everyone’s heart.  The various
seasons displayed their respective qualities, and all living entities in the
upper planetary system, in outer space and on the surface of the earth were
jubilant.  The demigods, the cows, the
brahmanas and the hills and mountains were all filled with joy. 
श्रोणायां श्रवणद्वादश्यां मुहूर्तेऽभिजिति प्रभुः।
सर्वे नक्षत्रताराद्याश्चक्रुस्तज्जन्म दक्षिणम् ॥५॥
On the day of
Sravana-dwadasi [the twelfth day of the bright fortnight in the month of
Bhadra], when the moon came into the lunar mansion Sravana, at the auspicious
moment of Abhijit, the Lord appeared in this universe.  Considering the Lord’s appearance very
auspicious, all the stars and planets, from the Sun to Saturn, were
munificently charitable.
द्वादश्यां सवितातिष्ठन्मध्यंदिनगतो नृप।
विजया नाम सा प्रोक्ता यस्यां जन्म विदुर्हरेः ॥६॥
O King, when the Lord appeared – on dvadasi,
the twelfth day of the moon – the sun was at the meridian, as every learned
scholar knows.  This dvadasi is
called Vijaya.
शङ्खदुन्दुभयो नेदुर्मृदङ्गपणवानकाः।
चित्रवादित्रतूर्याणां निर्घोषस्तुमुलोऽभवत् ॥७॥
Conch shells,
kettledrums, drums, panavas and anakas vibrated in concert.  The sound of these and various other
instruments was tumultuous.
प्रीताश्चाप्सरसोऽनृत्यन् गन्धर्वप्रवरा जगुः।
तुष्टुवुर्मुनयो देवा मनवः पितरोऽग्नयः ॥८॥
Being very pleased, the
celestial dancing girls [Apsaras] danced in jubilation, the best of the
Gandharvas sang songs, and the great sages, demigods, Manus, Pitrs and
fire-gods offered prayers to please the Lord.
सिद्धविद्याधरगणाः सकिम्पुरुषकिन्नरा:
चारणा यक्षरक्षांसि सुपर्णा भुजगोत्तमाः॥९॥
गायन्तोऽतिप्रशंसन्तो नृत्यन्तो विबुधानुगाः।
आदित्या आश्रमपदं कुसुमैः समवाकिरन् ॥१०॥
The Siddhas, Vidyadharas,
Kimpurushas, Kinnaras, Charanas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, Suparnas, the best of
serpents, and the followers of the demigods all showered flowers on Aditi’s hermitage,  while singing the glories of the Lord and
दृष्ट्वादितिस्तं निजगर्भसंभवं
   परं पुमांसं मुदमाप विस्मिता।
गृहीतदेहं निजयोगमायया
    प्रजापतिश्चाह जयेति विस्मितः ॥११॥

When Aditi saw the
Supreme Personality of Godhead, who had appeared from her own womb, having
accepted a transcendental body by his own spiritual potency, she was struck
with wonder and was very happy. Upon seeing the child, Kashyapa Prajapati exclaimed
जय जय’ in great
happiness and wonder.
यत् तद् वपुर्भातिविभूषणायुधै-
बभूव तेनैव स वामनो वटुः
    सम्पश्यतोर्दिव्यगतिर्यथा नटः ॥१२॥
The Lord appeared in his
original form, with ornaments and weapons in his hands.  Although this ever-existing form is not
visible in the material world, He nonetheless appeared in this form.  Then, in the presence of His father and
mother, He assumed the form of Vamana, a brahmana-dwarf, a brahmachari, just
like a theatrical actor.
तं वटुं वामनं दृष्ट्वा मोदमाना महर्षयः।
कर्माणि करयामासुः पुरस्कृत्य प्रजापतिम्॥१३॥
When the great sages saw the
Lord as the brahmachari-dwarf Vamana, they were certainly very
pleased.  Thus they placed before them
Kashyapa Muni, the Prajapati, and performed all the ritualistic ceremonies,
such as the birthday ceremony.
तस्योपनीयमानस्य सावित्रीं सविताब्रवीत्।
बृहस्पतिर्ब्रह्मसूत्रं मेखलां कश्यपोऽददात् ॥१४॥
At the sacred thread
ceremony of Vamanadeva, the sun-god personally uttered the Gayatri mantra, Brihaspati
offered the sacred thread, and Kashyapa Muni offered a straw belt.
ददौ कृष्णाजिनं भूमिर्दण्डं सोमो वनस्पतिः।
कौपीनाच्छादनं माता द्यौश्छत्रं जगतः पतेः ॥१५॥
Mother Earth gave HIM a
deerskin, and the demigod of the moon, who is the king of the forest, gave Him
a brahma-danda [the rod of a brahmachari]. 
His mother, Aditi, gave Him cloth for underwear (kaupinam) and
the deity presiding over the heavenly kingdom offered Him an umbrella.
कमण्डलुं वेदगर्भः कुशान् सप्तर्षयो ददुः।
अक्षमालां महाराज सरस्वत्यव्ययात्मनः॥१६॥
O King, Lord Brahma
offered a water pot to the inexhaustible Supreme Personality of Godhead, the
seven sages offered him kusa grass, 
and goddess Saraswati gave him a string of rudraksha beads. 
तस्मा इत्युपनीताय यक्षराट् पात्रिकामदात्।
भिक्षां भगवती साक्षादुमादादम्बिका सती॥१७॥
When Vamana had thus been
given the sacred thread, Kubera, King of the yakshas, gave him a begging bowl
to receive alms, and  Bhagavati Uma, the
chaste consort of Siva and the mother of the Universe, gave Him His first
स ब्रह्मवर्चसेनैवं सभां सम्भावितो वटुः।
ब्रह्मर्षिगणसंजुष्टामत्यरोचत मारिषः ॥१८॥
Having thus been welcomed
by everyone, Lord Vamanadeva, the best of brahmacharis, exhibited His
bhrahman effulgence.   He surpassed in
effulgence that entire assembly filled with great saintly brahmanas.
समिद्धमाहितं वह्निं कृत्वा परिसमूहनम्।
परिस्तीर्य समभ्यर्च्य समिद्भिरजुहोद् द्विजः ॥१९॥
After Lord Sri Vamadeva set a sacrificial fire, He
offered worship and performed a fire sacrifice on the sacrificial field.
   बलिं भृगूणामुपकल्पितैस्ततः।
जगाम तत्राखिलसारसंभृतो
   भारेण गां सन्नमयन् पदे पदे ॥२०॥
When the Lord heard that
Bali Maharaja was performing ashvamedha sacrifice under the
patronage of brahmanas of the Bhrigu dynasty, the Supreme Lord who is full in
every respect, proceeded there to show His mercy to Balimaharaja.  By His weight, He pushed down the earth with
every step 
तं नर्मदाया तट उत्तरे बले-
  र्य ऋत्विजस्ते भृगुकच्छसंज्ञके ॥
प्रवर्तयन्तो भृगवः क्रतूत्तमं
  व्याचक्षतारादुदितं यथा रविम् ॥२१॥
While engaged in
performing the sacrifice in the field known as Bhrgukaccha, on the northern
bank of the Narmada river, the brahminical priests, the descendants of Bhrgu,
saw Vamanadeva to be like the sun rising nearby.
त ऋत्विजो यजमानः सदस्या
  हतत्विषो वामनतेजसा नृप।
सूर्यः किलायात्युतवा विभावसुः
  सनत्कुमारोऽथ दिदृक्षया क्रतोः ॥२२॥
O King, because of
Vamanadeva’s bright effulgence, the priests, along with Bali Maharaja and all
the members of the assembly, were robbed of their splendour.  Thus they began to ask one another whether
the sun-god himself, Sanatkumara or the fire-god had personally come to see the
sacrificial ceremony. 
इत्थं सशिष्येषु भृगुष्वनेकधा
  वितर्क्यमाणो भगवान् स वामनः।
छ्त्रं सदण्डं सजलं कमण्डलुम्
  विवेश बिभ्रद्धहयमेधवाटम् ॥२३॥
While the priests of the
Bhrgu dynasty and their disciples talked and argued in various ways, the
Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vamanadeva, holding in his hands the rod, the
umbrella and a  kamandalu filled
with water, entered the arena of the asvamedha sacrifice.

मौञ्ज्या मेखलया वीतमुपवीताजिनोत्तरम्।
जटिलं वामनं विप्रं मायामाणवकं हरिम् ॥२४॥
प्रविष्टं वीक्ष्य भृगवः सशिष्यास्ते सहाग्निभिः।
प्रत्यगृह्णन् समुत्थाय संक्षिप्तास्तस्य तेजसा॥२५॥
Appearing as a brahmana
boy, wearing a belt of straw, a sacred thread, an upper garment of deerskin,
and matted locks of hair, Lord Vamanadeva entered the arena of
sacrifice.  His brilliant effulgence
diminished the brilliance of all the priests and their disciples, who thus stood
from their seats and welcomed the Lord properly by offering obeisances.
यजमानः प्रमुदितो दर्शनीयं मनोरमम्।
रूपानुरूपावयवं तस्मा आसनमाहरत् ॥२६॥
Bali Maharaha, jubilant
at seeing Lord Vamanadeva, whose beautiful limbs contributed equally to the
beauty of His entire body, offered Him a seat with great satisfaction.
स्वागतेनाभिनन्द्याथ पादौ भगवतो बलिः।
अवनिज्यार्चयामास मुक्तसङ्गमनोरमम्॥२७॥
Thus offering a proper
reception to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is always beautiful to the
liberated souls, Bali Maharaja worshiped him by washing his lotus feet.
तत्पादशौचं जनकल्मषापहं
  स धर्मविन्मूर्ध्न्यदधात् सुमङ्गलम् ।
यद् देवदेवो गिरिशश्चन्द्रमौलि-
  र्दधार मूर्ध्ना परया च भक्त्या ॥२८॥
Lord Siva, the best of
demigods, who carries on his forehead the emblem of the moon, receives on his
head with great devotion the Ganges water emanating from the toe of
Vishnu.  Being aware of religious
principles (dharma), Bali Maharaja knew this.  Consequently, following in the footsteps of
Lord Siva, he also placed on his head the water that had washed the Lord’s
lotus feet.
बलिरुवाच –
स्वागतं ते नमस्तुभ्यं ब्रह्मन् किं करवाम ते ।
ब्रह्मर्षीणां तपः साक्षान्मन्ये त्वाऽऽर्यवपुर्धरम्॥२९॥
Bali Maharaja then said
to Lord Vamanadeva: O brahmana, I offer You my hearty welcome and my respectful
obeisances.  Please let us know what we
may do for You.  We think of You as the
personified austerity of the great brahmana-sages. 
अद्य नः पितरस्तृप्ता अद्य नः पावितं कुलम्।
अद्य स्विष्टः क्रतुरयं यद् भवानागतो गृहान् ॥३०॥
O my Lord, because You
have kindly arrived at our home, all my forefathers are satisfied, our family
and entire dynasty have been sanctified, and the sacrifice we are performing is
now complete because of Your presence.
अद्याग्नयो मे सुहुता यथाविधि
  द्विजात्मज त्वच्चरणावनेजनैः।
हतांहसो वार्भिरियं च भूरहो
  तथा पुनीता तनुभिः पदैस्तव ॥३१॥
O son of a brahmana, today
the fire of sacrifice is ablaze according to the injunction of the sastra,
and I have been freed from all the sinful reactions of my life by the water
that has washed Your lotus feet. O my Lord, by the touch of Your small lotus
feet the entire surface of the world has been sanctified.  
यद् यद् वटो वाञ्छसि तत् प्रतीच्छ मे
  त्वामर्थिनं विप्रसुतानुतर्कये।
गां काञ्चनं गुणवद् धाम मृष्टं
  तथान्नपेयमुत वा विप्र कन्याम् ।
ग्रामान् समृद्धांस्तुरगान् गजान् वा
   रथांस्तथार्हत्तम सम्प्रतीच्छ॥३२॥
O son of a brahmana, it
appears that You have come here to ask me for something.  Therefore, whatever You want You may take
from me.   O best of those who are worshipable.  You may take from me a cow, gold, a furnished
house, palatable food and drink, the daughter of a brahmana for Your wife,
prosperous villages, horses, elephants, chariots or whatever You desire.
॥इति श्रीमद्भागवते महापुराणे पारमहंस्यां संहितायामष्टमस्कन्धे
     वामनप्रादुर्भावे बलिवामनसंवादे अष्टादशोऽध्यायः॥           

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