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  1. Hello sir,

    I have been searching for the Lagnashtakam written by Mahakavi Kalidasa.

    Kalidasa has written 8 slokas in sanskrit which are usually read by purohits during the marriage muhoortham time. Each sloka was written based on one letter.

    Very beautiful Ashtakam. Please send me the same in PDF format to my mail id [email protected].

    I would be very grateful to you.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Dear sir, sorry I could not lay my hands on Lagnashtakam by Kalidasa though I have uploaded Mangalshtakam by Kalidasa. I shall certainly post it in my blog when I get it. Pl send me the text if you are successful in tracing it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Respected Sir,
      I was searching for music audio of
      Sadasiva Brahmendra Kritis by a Swamiji of RK Mutt, when I happened to enter into your Blog. I was wonderstuck at your "My Story". Keep continuing it.
      With regards,


  3. Good work. Thanks.

  4. Raghu Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    The gleanings you have published in the web are very nice and the meaning will be much helpful to understand the sthotram. I want to know whether you have published KSHAMA SHODASI STHOTRAM with meaning. Please let me know soon.
    With regards,

  5. hello sir,
    please discribe me bhuvneshwari panjar stotram