1. Mantra for relief from physical and mental ailments
  2. Mantra for intelligence, self-confidence, courage, eloquence etc
  3. Mantra for relief from all fevers, snake or animal bites
  4. Mantra for better memory, concentration, brain-power etc.
  5. Mantra for eloquence in speech, performance ininterviews etc
  6. Mantra for better performance in CompetitiveExaminations
  7. Mantra to recover from serious illnes
  8. Mantra to avert accidental death, for long life and health
  9. Mantra to combat fears, phobias, schizophrenia, evil spirits etc
  10. Mantra for early marriage of girls with suitable boys
  11. Mantra for those women who have remained childless for years
  12. Mantra to remove barrenness in women and prevent abortions
  13. Mantra for easy and normal delivery of children
  14. Mantra for reunion of estranged couples
  15. Rama Mantra to avert dangers/calamities, for prosperity.
  16. Mantra for release from heave debt
  17. Mantra for recovery of property stolen or robbed
  18. Mantras for specific remedies from Durga Saptashati-1
  19. General Universal mantra for protection from dangers/calamities
  20. Universal remedy for all ills, problems, diseases etc

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  1. Anonymous says:

    can you post ashwini suktam suvarna suktam in telugu

  2. Anonymous says:

    can you post PITRU SUKTAM in Sanskrit or Telugu and Puja Vidhi in enlish or Telugu

  3. Can you post all 5 pan cha atharva seersham Namaskars