मूकपञ्चशती (मूककवि प्रणीता)  
             (slokas 76 to 101 )
Mooka Panchashati is a
devotional composition by Muka Kavi dedicated to Kamakshi. The real name of the
poet is not known. Legend has it that he was born dumb but regained not only
his voice  by  the grace of Goddess Kamakshi but also became
a poet of considerable merit. Mooka Panchashati 
consists of five satakams, each Satakam containing 100 verses. The
Satakams  are Arya Satakam, Padaravinda
Satakam, Stuti Satakam, Kataksha Satakam and Mandasmita Satakam.
Goddess Kamakshi is
the presiding deity of Kancheepuram.  Her
consort is Ekamreshwara, an aspect of Lord Shiva.  Kanchi is the Central Peetham established by
Aadi Shankaracharya who installed and consecrated the  idol of Kamakshi and established the system
of worship there. The other  Peethams are
at Badrinath in the North, Dwarka in theWest, 
Puri in the East and Sringeri (Sringa giri) in the South.
The translation into
English of a hymn of this nature is a delicate task and readers may kindly
pardon the shortcomings, though every attempt has been made to make the
translation as close as possible to the intended or perceived meaning. 
कुटिलं चटुलं
मृदुलं कचनयनजघनचरणेषु
Goddess Kamakshi, who is immeasurable, 
was seen by me on the banks of the Kampa river with her curly hair,
fleeting glances,  ample hips and soft,
tender feet.
प्रत्यङ्मुख्या दृष्ट्या
प्रसाददीपाङ्कुरेण कामाक्ष्याः ।
पश्यामि निस्तुलमहो
पचेलिमं किमपि परशिवोल्लासम् ॥७७॥
my glance inward I see  the incomparable
ripe joy of Paramasiva when Kamkshi’s face lights up indicating that she is
विद्ये विधातृविषये
कात्यायनि कालि कामकोटि कले
भारति भैरवि भद्रे
शाकिनि शांभवि शिवे स्तुवे भवतीम् ॥७८॥
O Kamakshi ! who is the knowledge of creation in Brahma, who is the
daughter of sage Katyayana, who is Kali the dark one, who is the end(Koti) of
all desires, who is all fine art forms, who is Goddess of learning, who is the
terrible Bhairavi, who is the most auspicious, 
who is shakini, who is consort of Shambhu and who is shivaa, I sing
praises of You.
मालिनि महेशचारिणि
काञ्चीखेलिनि विपक्षकालिनि ते ।
शूलिनि विद्रुमशालिनि
सुरजनपालिनि कपालिनि नमोऽस्तु ॥७९॥
May our prostrations be dedicated to You O
Kamakshi! who wears a garland, who seeks out Siva, who plays in Kanchi, Who is
the death of enemies, who carries the trident, 
who wears a chain of corals, who protects the devas and who is
the  consort of Kapali (Shiva)
देशिक इति किं
नु तरुणिमोन्मेषः।
O Kamakshi! 
In Lord Shiva’s deeksha (vow) to perform the yagna
invoking Kamadeva, the God of Love, there is no doubt that You, with
your flowering youth, can be a competent teacher (aachaarya).
वेतण्डकुम्भ डम्बर-
कुङ्कुमरुचे नमस्यां
शङ्करनयनामृताय रचयामः
Our prostrations to Kamakshi who is nectar for the eyes of Shiva(
i.e Shiva is filled with joy on seeing her), whose complexion is of the colour
of saffron and whose ample bosom challenges the bulging forehead of the
elephant and exerts pressure on her waist.
काञ्चीमधिकाञ्चि कांचिदद्राक्षम्।
मनुकम्पाकूलमस्मदनुकूलाम् ॥८२॥   
I saw on the banks of the river Kampa in Kanchi Goddess kamakshi
who wears a gem-studded beautiful waist-band (girdle), who is kind to those who
bow to her and who is favourably disposed towards me.
परगुरुकृपया वीक्षे
By the grace of the supreme guru I see (before my mind’s eye) Kamakshi who
is familiar with the banks of Kampa, who is the
fruit of the meritorious deeds (sukritam) of Himavan and who is the
auspicious ornament on the lap of Paramashiva.
दग्धमदनस्य शंभोः
प्रथीयसीं ब्रह्मचर्य वैदग्धीम्।
तव देवि तरुणिमश्री
चतुरिमपाको न चक्षमे मातः ॥८४॥
O Mother!  The superb beauty of your
youth could not tolerate the famed obstinacy of the celibacy of Shiva who had
burnt Kamadeva (Cupid) in the fire of his third eye.
वसनितपत्रा करादृतखनित्रा।
विहरति पुलिन्दयोषा
गुञ्जाभूषा फणीन्द्रकृतवेषा ॥८५॥
Goddess Kamakshi revels in the form of the hunter woman given to her by
her consort Lord Shiva,  applies tilak on
her forehead using juice from the leaves of plants, wears a dress made of
leaves, carries in her hand a tool for digging the earth and wears a garland of
gunja berries as ornament. 
अङ्के शुकिनी
कौतुकिनी परिसरे
च गायकिनी।
जयसि सविधेऽम्ब
मण्डलिनी श्रवसि
शङ्खकुण्डलिनी ॥८६॥
You have a parrot on your lap, you are interested in music, you are
surrounded by musicians and also by bhairavas and you wear Kundalas
(globe-shaped ear-studs) made of conch shell in your ears. Victory to you
always O Mother Kamakshi ! 
कृतरणसर्गा ससिंहसंसर्गा।
कामाक्षि मुदितभर्गा
हतरिपुवर्गा त्वमेव सा दुर्गा ॥८७॥
O Goddess Kamakshi! You grant mukti to those
who prostrate before you, create(fight) 
battles (to kill asuras), keep company with lions (on whom you ride),
delight the heart of Lord Shiva, kill the horde of enemies and You alone are Durga
समरोद्दण्डा धुतासुरशिखण्डा
देवि कलितान्त्रषण्डा
धृतनरमुण्डा त्वमेव चामुण्डा ॥८८॥
O Kamakshi! You alone are Chamunda  with your ear-globes oscillating, terrible in
war, cutting off and tossing the heads of asuras, wearing the intestines
of the asuras as garland and holding their chopped-off heads in your hands.  
दर्वीभरितेन भक्तपूरॆण।
खर्वीकुरुषे त्वमेव कामाक्षि॥८९॥
O Kamakshi! Daugher of Himavan! You are the one who as Annapoorna  removes the great suffering of the poorest of
the poor with ladle-fulls of cooked food.
क्रीडसि जगति त्वमेव कामाक्षि ॥९०॥
O Kamakshi ! You are the one with the frightening face of
a boar as Varahi  who plays in this world,
removes the fear of torture by the enemies by striking at them and  who is skilled in using the plough and the
mace as  weapons
त्वमम्ब बाला
कराब्जधृतमाला ॥९१॥
O Mother Kamakshi! You are desirous of
marrying Shiva, the destroyer of Kama. 
You are the hall of gem-studded walls for the Cupid to play and show his
magic, you steal the brightness of gold by your lustre, you are a young girl
with a garland in your hands (ready to put it around Lord Shiva’s neck)
विमलपटी कमलकुटी
कामाक्षी पक्ष्मलाक्षी
कलितविपञ्ची विभासि वैरिञ्ची ॥९२॥
O Kamakshi! You are the who shines as Goddess Sarawati,
consort of Bhrama, who is attired in bright white clothes, who abides in the
lotus, who carries the book and rudrakaha in her hands, who has dense
eye-lashes and who holds a Veena, Vipanchi in her hands
क्पङ्किलमुण्डालिमण्डितं मातः।
जयति तव रूपधेयं
जपपटपुस्तकवराभयाब्जकरम् ||९३||
Victory to your form which has the complexion of
saffron, which wears a garland of severed heads dripping blood, which holds a
rosary and book and which displays  abhaya ( protection
from fear) and varada (dispensing boons) mudras (signs) by hands
कामाक्षि शीलये त्वां
कपालशूलाभिरामकरकमलाम् ॥९४॥
O Kamkshi! I meditate on you who are adorned with gem-studded
golden ornaments, whose complexion is dark as iron and who carries the trident
and the skull in her beautiful lotus hands.
मोहितभुवनं मुदा निरीक्षन्ते।
वदनं तव कुचयुगलं
काञ्चीसीमां च कोऽपि कामाक्षि ॥९५॥
O Kamakshi! very few can have the vision of you, who have
captivated the whole world, in the centre of effulgence of red and see your
face, your breasts and your waist. 
नलिनैर्महेशि गच्छसि
the greatest of goddesses ! from the Mooladhara lotus at the base, You rise as
Kundalini, the serpentine power,  and
passing through swahishthana, manipura, anahata, Vishuddhi and Aagna
lotuses,  reach and merge in the thousand
petal lotus uniting with Shiva.
मारोहयन्त्यंब केऽपि तव कृपया ॥९७॥
Kamakshi! those who revere and worship the lotus feet of the guru, climb the
mansion of Mukti (liberation),  by
your grace,  using the steps of sabeeja
and nirbeeja yoga.
अन्तरपि बहिरपि त्वं
संततमपि तन्तनीषि महिमानम् ॥९८॥
You are inside and outside of every thing. 
You are the death to him who brings death to all beings. And to those
who always think about you, meditate on you and worship you, you reveal
Yourself, the Ultimate Reality.
अम्ब रदनाम्बरं ते
बिम्बफलं शम्बरारिणा न्यस्तम् ॥९९॥
O Kamakshi! Cupid has placed a bimba
fruit  covering your teeth in his anxiety
to get hold of the parrot which,  he
thinks,  is producing those sweet
beautiful sounds from your throat.
जय जय जगदम्ब शिवे
जय जय कामाक्षि जय जयाद्रिसुते।
जय जय महेश दयिते
जय जय चिद्गगनकौमुदीधारे ॥१००॥
Victory, victory to the consort of Shiva, mother of
the Universe;   victory,victory to
Kamakshi; victory, victory to daughter of Himavan; victory, victory to darling
of Mahesha; Victory, victory to the one who is the flood of moonlight in the
आर्याशतकं भक्त्या
पठतामार्याकटाक्षेण ।
निःसरति वदनकमला-
द्वाणी पीयूषधोरणी
दिव्या ॥१.१०१॥

Whosoever chants this Arya Satakam with devotion to Kamakshi,  from his mouth-lotus will flow, by the grace
of Kamakshi,  words as sweet as divine nectar.  

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