Lyrics of “chetah Sriramam chintaya”’ by Sadashiva Brahmendraah

Kriti:  चेतः श्रीरामं चिन्तय

Raga: Mohanam

Tala:   Adi

Pallavi (refrain)

चेत! श्रीरामं चिन्तय जीमूतश्यामं



नव-तुलसीदल-कल्पित-हारम्   (चेत!…)


कटितट-शोभित-कनक-दुकूलम्  (चेत!…)


हनुमद्-गवय-गवाक्ष-समेतम्   (चेत!…)


चरण-दलित-मुनि-तरुणी-शापम्  (चेत!…)


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2 Comments on Lyrics of “chetah Sriramam chintaya”’ by Sadashiva Brahmendraah

  1. rashmi ram says:

    Please share the meaning as well, it would really help.

    1. I will like to suggest study of Sasnkrit by you.
      That will enable you to enjoy meanings emerging directly from original words of paramahaMsa sadAshivendra sarasvatI.
      There is a different kind of joy which emerges from different kinds of words and sentences and you can't produce that with even with other words/sentences of the same language, what to say about other language.

      Please, take help of dictionary and try to get meaning of these easy words.
      I will help you reach correct meaning.
      You may do the exercise here itself.

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