आरोग्यं प्रददातु नो दिनकरः चन्द्रो यशो निर्मलं
भूतिं भूमिसुतः सुधांशुतनयः प्रज्ञां गुरुर्गौरवम्।
काव्यः कोमलवाग्विलासमतुलां मन्दो मुदं सर्वदा
राहुर्बाहुबलं विरोधशमनं केतुः कुलस्योन्नतिम् ॥
May the Sun God bestow on us good health, Moon unblemished fame, Mars riches, Mercury knowledge,  Jupiter dignity,  Venus matchless beautiful speech, Saturn happiness  always , Rahu strength of arms and Kethu prosperity of the clan.

Sri P R Ramamurthy Ji was the author of this website. When he started this website in 2009, he was in his eighties. He was able to publish such a great number of posts in limited time of 4 years. We appreciate his enthusiasm for Sanskrit Literature. Authors story in his own words :

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