nAga-patnI-kRRita-kRRiShNa-stuti [ नागपत्नीकृतकृष्णस्तुतिः ] (10.16.33-67)

कालियमर्दनम् -२  नागपत्नीकृतश्रीकृष्णस्तोत्रम् (श्रिमद्भागवतम्
 [The English
translation is largely based on that of  the disciples of His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as given in the “Srimad Bhagavatam”
published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust]
नागपत्न्यः ऊचुः
न्याय्यो हि दण्डः कृतकिल्बेषेऽस्मिं-
   स्तवावतारः खलनिग्रहाय।
रिपोः सुतानामपि तुल्यदृष्टे-
   र्धत्से दमं फलमेवानुशंसन्॥३३॥

The wives of Kaliya
serpent said: The punishment this offender has been subjected to is certainly
just.  After all, You have incarnated
within this world to curb down envious and cruel persons.  You are so impartial that You look equally
upon Your enemies and Your own sons, for when You impose a punishment on a
living being You know it to be for his ultimate benefit.    
अनुग्रहोऽयं भवतः कृतो हि नो
    दण्डोऽसतां ते खलु कल्मषापहः।
यद्  दन्तशूकत्वममुष्य देहिनः
     क्रोधोऽपि तेऽनुग्रह एव सम्मतः
What you have done here
is actually mercy for us, since the punishment You give to the wicked certainly
drives away all their contamination. Indeed, because this conditioned soul, our
husband, is so sinful that he has assumed the body of a serpent, Your anger
toward him is obviously to be understood as Your mercy.
तपः सुतप्तं किमनेन पूर्वं
    निरस्तमानेन च मानदेन।
 धर्मोऽथ वा सर्वजनानुकम्पया
    यतो भवांस्तुष्यति सर्वजीवः ॥३५॥
Did our husband carefully perform austerities in a
previous life, with his mind free of pride and full of respect for others? Is
that why you are pleased with him? Or did he in his previous existence
carefully follow the path of dharma with compassion for all living
beings, and is that why You, the life of all living beings, are now satisfied
with him?
कस्यानुभावोऽस्य न देव विद्महे
यद्वाञ्छया श्रीर्ललनाऽऽचरत्तपो
    विहाय कामान् सुचिरं धृतव्रता॥३६॥
O Lord, we do not know
how the serpent Kaliya has attained this great opportunity of being touched by
the dust of Your lotus feet.  For this
end, the goddess of fortune performed austerities for centuries, giving up all
other desires and taking austere vows.  
न नाकपृष्ठं न च सार्वभौमं
   न पारमेष्ठ्यं न रसाधिपत्यम्।
न योगसिद्धीरपुनर्भवं वा
   वाञ्छन्ति यत्पादरजःप्रपन्नाः
Those who have attained
the dust of Your lotus feet never hanker for the kingship of heaven, limitless
sovereignty, the position of Brahma of rulership over the earth.  They are not interested even in the
perfections of yoga or in liberation itself.  
तदेष नाथाप दुरापमन्यै
   स्तमोजनिः क्रोधवशोऽप्यहीशः।
संसारचक्रे भ्रमतः शरीरिणो
   यदिच्छतः स्याद् विभवः समक्षः ॥३८॥
O Lord, although this
Kaliya, the king of the serpents, has taken birth in the mode of ignorance and
is controlled by anger, he has achieved that which is difficult for others to
achieve.  Embodied souls, who are full of
desires and are thus wandering in the cycle of birth and death, can have all
benedictions manifested before their eyes simply by receiving the dust of Your
lotus feet.
नमस्तुभ्यं भगवते पुरुषाय महात्मने।
भूतावासाय भूताय पराय परमात्मने ॥३९॥
We offer our obeisances
unto You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 
Although present in the hearts of all living beings as the Supersoul,
You are all-pervasive.  Although the
original shelter of all created material elements, You exist prior to their
creation.  You are transcendental to all
material cause and effect, being the Supreme Soul.
ज्ञानविज्ञाननिधये ब्रह्मणेऽनन्तशक्तये।
अगुणायाविकाराय नमस्तेऽप्राकृताय च ॥४०॥
Obeisances unto You, the
Absolute Truth, who are the reservoir of all transcendental consciousness and
potency and the possessor of unlimited energies.  You are completely free of material qualities
and transformations and  You are  beyond material nature.
कालाय कालनाभाय कालावयवसाक्षिणे।
विश्वाय तदुपद्रष्ट्रे तत्कर्त्रे विश्वहेतवे ॥४१॥
Obeisances unto You, who are time itself, the shelter
of time and the witness of time in all its phases.  You are the universe, and also its separate
observer.  You  are its creator, and also the totality of all
its causes. 
त्रिगुणेनाभिमानेन गूढस्वात्मानुभूतये॥४२॥
नमोऽनन्ताय सूक्ष्माय कूटस्थाय विपश्चिते।
नानावादानुरोधाय वाच्यवाचकशक्तये ॥४३॥
Obeisances unto you,  who are the ultimate soul of the physical
elements, of the subtle basis of perception, of the senses, of the vital air of
life, and of the mind, intelligence and consciousness.  By your arrangement the infinitesimal spirit
souls falsely identify with the three modes of material nature, and their
perception of their own true self thus becomes clouded.  We offer our obeisances unto You, the
unlimited Supreme Lord, the supremely subtle one, the omniscient Personality of
Godhead,  who are always fixed in
unchanging transcendence, who sanction the opposing views of different
philosophies, and who are the power upholding expressed ideas and the words
that express them.    
नमः प्रमाणमूलाय कवये शास्त्रयोनये।
प्रवृत्ताय निवृत्ताय निगमाय नमो नमः ॥४४॥
We offer our obeisances
again and again to You, who are the basis of all authoritative evidence, who
are the author and ultimate source of the revealed scriptures,  and who have manifested Yourself in those
Vedic literatures encouraging sense gratification as well as in those
encouraging renunciation of the material world. 
नमः कृष्णाय रामाय वसुदेव सुताय च।
प्रद्युम्नायानिरुद्धाय सात्वतां पतये नमः ॥४५॥
We offer our obeisances to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama,
the sons of Vasudeva, and to Lord Pradyumna and Lord Aniruddha.  We offer our respectful obeisances unto the
master of all the saintly devotees of Vishnu.
नमो गुणप्रदीपाय गुणात्मच्छादनाय च ।
गुणवृत्त्युपलक्ष्याय गुणद्रष्ट्रे स्वसंविदे ॥४६॥
Obeisance  to You, O Lord, who manifest varieties of
material and spiritual qualities.  You
disguise Yourself with the material qualities, 
and yet the funcioning of those same material qualities ultimately
reveals Your existence.  You stand apart
from the material qualities as a witness and can be fully known only by Your
अव्याकृतविहाराय सर्वव्याकृतसिद्धये।
हृषीकेश नमस्तेऽस्तु मुनये मौनशीलिने॥४७॥
O Lord Hrishikesa, master
of the senses, please let us offer our obeisances unto You, whose pastimes are
inconceivably glorious.  Your existence
can be inferred from the necessity for a creator and revealer of all cosmic
manifestations.  But although Your
devotees can understand You in this way, to the nondevotees You remain silent,
absorbed in self-satisfaction. 
परावरगतिज्ञाय सर्वाध्यक्षाय ते नमः।
अविश्वाय च विश्वाय तद्द्रष्ट्रेऽस्य च हेतवे ॥४८॥
Obeisances unto You, who
know the destination of all things, superior and inferior, and who are the
presiding regulator of all that be.  You
are distinct from the universal creation, and yet You are the basis upon which
the illusion of material creation evolves, and also the witness of this
illusion.  Indeed, You are the root cause
of the entire world. 
त्वं ह्यस्य जन्मस्थितिसंयमान् प्रभो
   गुणैरनीहोऽकृत कालशक्तिधृक्।
तत्तत्स्वभावान् प्रतिबोधयन् सतः
   समीक्षयामोघविहार ईहसे ॥४९॥
O Almighty Lord, although
you have no reason to become involved in material activity, still you act
through Your eternal potency of Time to arrange for the creation, maintenance
and destruction of this universe.  You do
this by awakening the distinct functions of each of the modes of nature, which
before the creation lie dormant. Simply by Your glance You perfectly execute
all these activities of cosmic control in a sporting mood.
तस्यैव तेऽमूस्तनवस्त्रिलोक्यां
   शान्ता अशान्ता उत मूढयोनयः।
शान्ताः प्रियास्ते ह्यधुनावितुं सतां
 स्थातुश्च ते धर्मपरीप्सयेहतः ॥५०॥
Therefore all material bodies
throughout the three worlds- those that are peaceful, in the mode of goodness (sattwa);
those that are agitated, in the mode of passion (rajas); and those that
are foolish, in the mode of ignorance (tamas)- all are your creations.
Still, those living entities whose bodies are in the mode of goodness are
especially dear to you, and it is to maintain them and protect their religious
principles (dharma) that you are now present on the earth.
अपराधः सकृद् भर्त्रा सोढव्यः स्वप्रजाकृतः।
क्षन्तुमर्हसि शान्तात्मन् मूढस्य त्वामजानतः॥५१॥

At least once, a master
should tolerate an offense committed by his child or subject.  O supreme peaceful Soul, You should therefore
forgive our foolish husband, who did not understand who You are.
अनुगृह्णीष्व भगवन् प्राणांस्त्यजति पन्नगः।
स्त्रीणां नः साधुशोच्यानां पतिः प्राणः प्रदीयताम् ॥५२॥
O Supreme Lord, please be
merciful.  It is proper for the saintly
to feel compassion for women like us.  This
serpent is about to give up his life. Please give us back our husband, who is
our life and soul.
विधेहि ते किङ्करीणां अनुष्ठेयं तवाज्ञया ।
यच्छ्रद्धयानुतिष्ठन् वै मुच्यते सर्वतो भयात् ॥५३॥
Now please tell us, your maidservants, what we should
do.  Certainly anyone who faithfully
executes Your order is automatically freed from all fear.
श्रीशुक उवाच-
इत्थं स नागपत्नीभिर्भगवान् समभिष्टुतः ।
मूर्च्छितं भग्नशिरसं विससर्जाङ्घ्रिकुट्टनैः ॥५४॥
Sukadeva Goswami said:
Thus praised by the naga-patnis, the Supreme Personality of Godhead released
the serpent Kaliya, who had fallen unconscious, his heads battered by the
striking of the Lord’s lotus feet.
प्रतिलब्धेन्द्रियप्राणः कालियः शनकैर्हरिम्।
कृच्छ्रात् समुच्छ्वसन् दीनः कृष्णं प्राह कृताञ्जलिः॥५५॥
Kaliya slowly regained
his vital force and sensory functions. 
Then, breathing loudly and painfully, the poor serpent addressed Lord Krishna,
the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in humble submission.
कालिय उवाच-
वयं खलाः सहोत्पत्त्या तामसा दीर्घमन्यवः
स्वभावो दुस्त्यजो नाथ लोकानां यदसद्ग्रहः॥५६॥

The serpent Kaliya said:
Our very birth as a snake has made us envious, ignorant and constantly
angry.  O My Lord, it is so difficult for
people to give up their conditioned nature, by which they identify with that
which is unreal.
त्वया सृष्टमिदं विश्वं धातर्गुणविसर्जनम्।
O Supreme creator, it is You who
generate this universe, composed of the variegated arrangement of the material
modes, and in the process You manifest various kinds of personalities and
species, varieties of sensory and physical strength, and varieties of mothers
and fathers with variegated mentalities and forms.
वयं च तत्र भगवन् सर्पा जात्युरुमन्यवः ।
कथं त्यजामस्त्वन्मायां दुस्त्यजां मोहिताःस्वयम्॥५८॥
O Supreme Personality of Godhead, among all the species within Your
material creation, we serpents are by nature always enraged. Being thus deluded
by your illusory energy (maya),  which is very difficult to give up , how can
we possibly give it up on our own?  
भवान् हि कारणं तत्र सर्वज्ञो जगदीश्वरः।
अनुग्रहं निग्रहं वा मन्यसे तद् विधेहि नः ॥५९॥
O Lord, since You are the
omniscient Lord of the universe, You are the actual cause of freedom from
illusion. Please arrange for us whatever You consider proper, whether it be
mercy or punishment.
श्रीशुक उवाच-
इत्याकर्ण्य वचः प्राह भगवान् कार्यमानुषः।
नात्र स्थेयं त्वया सर्प समुद्रं याहि मा चिरम् ।
स्वज्ञात्यपत्यदाराढ्यो गोनृभिर्भुज्यते नदी ॥६०॥
Sukadeva Goswami said:
After hearing Kaliya’s words, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was
acting the role of a human being, replied: O serpent, you may not remain here
any longer.  Go back to the ocean
immediately, accompanied by your retinue of children, wives, other relatives
and friends.  Let this river be enjoyed
by the cows and humans.
य एतत् संस्मरेन्मर्त्यस्तुभ्यं मदनुशासनम्।
कीर्तयन्नुभयोः सन्ध्योर्न युष्मद् भयमाप्नुयात् ॥६१॥
If a mortal being attentively remembers My command to
you- to leave Vrindavana and go to the ocea – and narrates this account at
sunrise and sunset, he will never be afraid of you.
योऽस्मिन् स्नात्वा मदाक्रीडे देवादींस्तर्पयेज्जलैः।
उपोष्य मां स्मरन्नर्चेत् सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्यते ॥६२॥
If one bathes in this
place of My pastimes and offers the water of this lake to the demigods and
other worshipable personalities, or if one observes a fast and duly worships
and remembers Me, he is sure to become free from all sinful reactions.
द्वीपं रमणकं हित्वा हृदमेतमुपाश्रितः।
यद्भयात् स सुपर्णस्त्वां नाद्यान्मत्पादलाञ्छितम् ॥६३॥
Out of fear of Garuda,
you left Ramanaka Island and came to take shelter of this lake.  But because you are now marked with My footprints,
Garuda will no longer try to eat you.
मुक्तो भगवता राजन् कृष्णेनाद्भुतकर्मणा।
तं पूजयामास मुदा नागपत्न्यश्च सादरम् ॥६४॥
Sukadeva Goswami
continued: My dear King, having been released by Lord Krishna, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, whose activities are wonderful, Kaliya joined his wives
in worshiping Him with great joy and reverence.
 दिव्याम्बरस्रङ्मणिभिः परार्ध्यैरपि भूषणैः।
 दिव्यगन्धानुलेपैश्च महत्योत्पलमालया॥६५॥
 पूजयित्वा जगन्नाथं प्रसाद्य गरुडध्वजम्।
 ततः प्रीतोऽभ्यनुज्ञातः परिक्रम्याभिवन्द्य तम् ॥६६॥
सकलत्रसुहृत्पुत्रो द्वीपमब्धेर्जगाम
तदैव सामृतजला यमुना निर्विषाभवत्
अनुगहाद् भगवतः क्रीडामानुषरूपिणः
Kaliya worshipped the
Lord of the universe by offering him fine garments, along with necklaces,
jewels and other valuable ornaments, wonderful scents and ointments, and a
large garland of lotus flowers.  Having
thus pleased the Lord, whose flag is marked with the emblem of Garuda, Kaliya
felt satisfied.  Receiving the Lord’s
permission to leave, Kaliya circumambulated Him and offered Him
obeisances.  Then, taking his wives,
friends and children, he went to his island in the sea.  The very moment Kaliya left, the Yamuna was
immediately restored to her original condition, free from poison and full of nectarean
water. This happened by the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who
was manifesting a humanlike form to enjoy His pastimes.

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