To transliterate any post to another Indian language
script and save it in a Word file in your computer/laptop follow the
steps below:

  1. Select the blog post and copy the text ( by pressing ^C). The text will be saved in the clipboard of your computer.
  2. Go to Virtual Vinodh and enter Source as Devanagari and select Target from the drop-down list.
  3. Paste what you have copied to the input panel (upper panel) of aksharamukha.
  4. Press ‘Convert’ at the bottom. The text will be converted to the selected script and copied in the output panel (lower panel) of Aksharamukha.
  5. Open a blank Word document, copy the converted text from the lower panel of Aksharamukha and paste it on the blank Word document you opened and save it in your system for future reference.