अम्बा शाम्भवि चन्द्रमौलिरबलाऽपर्णा उमा पार्वती
काली हैमवती शिवा त्रिनयनी कात्यायनी भैरवी ।
सावित्री नवयौवना शुभकरी साम्राज्यलक्ष्मीप्रदा
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ १ ॥
अम्बा मोहिनि देवता त्रिभुवनी आनन्दसन्दायिनी
वाणी पल्लवपाणि वेणुमुरलीगानप्रिया लोलिनी ।
कल्याणी उडुराजबिम्बवदना धूम्राक्षसंहारिणी
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ २ ॥
अम्बा नूपुररत्नकङ्कणधरी केयूरहारावली
जातीचंपकवैजयन्तिलहरी ग्रैवेयवैराजिता ।
वीणावेणुविनोदमण्डितकरा वीरासनासंस्थिता
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ ३ ॥
अम्बा रौद्रिणि भद्रकालि बगला ज्वालामुखी वैष्णवी
ब्रह्माणी त्रिपुरान्तकी सुरनुता देदीप्यमानोज्ज्वला ।
चामुण्डा श्रितरक्षपोषजननी दाक्षायणी वल्लवी
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ ४ ॥
अम्बा शूलधनुःकुशाङ्कुशधरी अर्द्धेन्दुबिम्बाधरी
वाराही मधुकैटभप्रशमनी वाणीरमासेविता ।
मल्लाद्यासुरमूकदैत्यदमनी माहेश्वरी चाम्बिका
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ ५ ॥
अम्बा सृष्टिविनाशपालनकरी आर्या विसंशोभिता
गायत्री प्रणवाक्षरामृतरसा पूर्णानुसन्धीकृता ।
ओङ्कारी विनतासुतार्चितपदा उद्दण्डदैत्यापहा
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ ६ ॥
अम्बा शाश्वती आगमादिविनुता आर्या महादेवता
या ब्रह्मादिपिपीलिकान्तजननी या वै जगन्मोहिनी ।
या पञ्चप्रणवादिरेफजननी या चित्कलामालिनी
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ ७ ॥
अम्बापालितभक्तराजदनिशं अम्बाष्टकं यः पठेत्
अम्बा लोलकटाक्षवीक्षललितं चैश्वर्यमव्याहतम् ।
अम्बा पावन मन्त्रराजपठनादन्ते च मोक्षप्रदा
चिद्रूपी परदेवता भगवती श्रीराजराजेश्वरी ॥ ८ ॥

Sri P R Ramamurthy Ji was the author of this website. When he started this website in 2009, he was in his eighties. He was able to publish such a great number of posts in limited time of 4 years. We appreciate his enthusiasm for Sanskrit Literature. Authors story in his own words : http://ramamurthypr1931.blogspot.com/

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  1. v says:

    A notable useful exercise to devotees no doubt but there are small mistakes and errors in letters/and in vowels – Pl proofread before publishing:- To quote a few

    e.g अनन्दसन्दायिनी This is Aananda sandhAyini and not anandha
    देदीप्यमनोज्ज्वला – This is dhe dIpya MAanojwalA and not ManojwAlA
    वल्लवी – This i believe Pallavi and not Vallavi

    Thanks for understanding
    [email protected]

    1. Thanks for pointing typos.
      If you don't mind, let me state you that the author of this blog was more than 80 years old. He completed more than thousand posts in a few years. You can check the pace at which he worked to bring these to us.
      Now, it is upon people like you to find errors and request us to correct. The more you help, more will you get correct version.
      Proof-reading for author is not possible.
      Admin can't do this because of more serious works related to Sanskrit, Philosophy.
      It is comments of gentleman like you which bring our attention to specific posts and then we correct it in little time.
      Thanks again, keep it up.
      BTW, वल्लवी is correctly read there. That means गोपिका ।
      Other typos are ccorrected now.

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