Mantra for easy and
normal delivery of children
सुखप्रसव यक्षिणी मन्त्रं
          हिमवत्युत्तरे पार्श्वे
नाम यक्षिणी  ।
         तस्याः नूपुर शब्देन
         विशल्या भवतु गर्भिणी ॥ स्वाहा
(to be chanted daily 108
At the time when a lady
about to deliver a child is having labour pain, this mantra may be got chanted
108 times by any friend or relative keeping a small cup containing a few drops
of any edible oil (coconut oil, til oil, refined oil etc) in the hand and while
chanting, from time to time, make the lady to drink a few drops and rub it on
the navel very gently. 
[Source: ‘Infallible Vedic Remedies” by Swami Shantananda Puri]

Another slightly variant version is like this:

          हिमवत्युत्तरे पार्श्वे
          सुरसा नाम यक्षिणी  ।
          तस्याः स्मरणमात्रेण 
          विशल्या गर्भिणी भवेत्॥

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