योगवासिष्ठम्-वैराग्यप्रकरणम् – सर्गः २३
In these verses selected from the Vairagrya
of Yogavasishtham Rama speaks to Viswamitra and other
sages about Kala (Time, Death)
नीतः संसारकुहरे भ्रमः ॥१॥
In this sea
of samsara, people of little intelligence, with their doubts,
imagination and meaningless talk,  have
created  differences leading to increased
confusion and delusion among people.   
सतां कथमिवाऽऽस्थेह
जायते जालपञ्जरे
बाला एवाऽत्तुमिच्छन्ति
फलं मुकुरबिंबितम् ॥२॥
How can good and noble people
have interest in this cage of nets ? Only children will want to eat the fruits
reflected in a mirror.
न तदस्तीह यदयं
कालः सकलभक्षकः
ग्रसते तज्जगज्जातं
प्रोत्थाब्धिमिव बाडवः ॥३॥
kala (Time) is
the eater of all beings born in this world like the       badavagni drinking up the ocean
during dissolution. Nothing exists which this Kala does not devour.  . 
भीमः कालो महेश्वरः
सर्वां कबलीकर्तुमुद्यतः ॥४॥
Time is the
overlord,  is terrible and is common for
everyone (i.e. does not spare any one). 
It is bent upon devouring all this which is perceived (by the senses)
महतामपि नो देवः
प्रतिपालयति क्षणम्
कालः कबलितानन्तविश्वो
विश्वात्मतां गतः ॥५॥
Kala does not wait for a
minute even for great and noble men.  It
eats up the whole of these endless worlds pervading them.
किञ्चित्प्रकटतां गतः
सर्वमाक्रम्य तिष्ठति ॥६॥
This Kala manifests itself by
such names as yuga, samvatsara and kalpa though he is  unmanifest. He pervades everything and   eats them up   .
ये रम्या ये शुभारंभा
सुमेरुगुरवोऽपि ये
कालेन विनिगीर्णास्ते
गरुडेनेव पन्नगाः ॥७॥
All these beautiful and
auspicious things, even those as heavy as Sumeru mountain, are devoured by Kala
(Time) as serpents by Garuda.
निर्दयः कठिनः
क्रूरः कर्कशः कृपणोऽधमः
न तदस्ति यदद्याऽपि
न कालो निगिरयत्ययम् ॥८॥
Whether a person is pitiless,
hard-hearted, cruel, abrasive, stingy or mean, there is nothing which is not
eaten up by Kala.  
कालः कबलनैकान्तमतिरत्ति
अनन्तैरपि लोकोघैर्नाऽयं
तृप्तो महाशनः ॥९॥
Kala,  whose heart is ever on eating (destroying), is
such a great eater that it  is not
satisfied even after gulping down countless worlds
हरत्ययं नाशयति
करोत्यत्ति निहन्ति च
कालः संसारनृत्तं
हि नानारूपो यथा नटः ॥१०॥
Kala, like an
actor doing many roles, takes on many forms in this cosmic dance taking away,
destroying, doing, eating and killing. .
प्रकटयन् सहसैव
च गोपयन्
विलसतीह हि कालबलं
नृषु ॥११॥
Kala shows its
power on men taking on different forms, 
with limbs or without limbs, pretty or ugly, manifest or concealed.   

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