देवकृतस्यैनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा।
मनुष्यकृतस्यैनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा।
पितृकृतस्यैनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा।
आत्मकृतस्यैनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा।
अन्यकृतस्यैनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा।
अस्मत्कृतस्यैनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा।

यद्दिवा च नक्तं चैनश्चकृम
तस्यावयजन-मसि स्वाहा।   यथ्स्वपन्तश्च
जाग्रत श्चैनश्चकृम तस्यावयजन-मसि स्वाहा। यथ्सुषुप्तश्च जाग्रत श्चैनश्चकृम तस्यावयजन-मसि स्वाहा।  यद्विद्वाँस-श्चाविद्वाँस-श्चैनश्च कृम तस्यावयजन-मसि स्वाहा।एनस
एनसो ऽवयजन-मसि स्वाहा॥ 

Sri P R Ramamurthy Ji was the author of this website. When he started this website in 2009, he was in his eighties. He was able to publish such a great number of posts in limited time of 4 years. We appreciate his enthusiasm for Sanskrit Literature. Authors story in his own words :

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