LESSON 21
संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री – ६

In these lessons,  under the above title,  are presented simple sentences in Sanskrit
which can be used in day to day conversations at the very mundane level.  There are a thousand sentences covering day
to day interactions at the home, school, office, market, festivals, religious
and other functions etc.  Practice of
these sentences, it is hoped, will enable children and adults to communicate in
grammatical Sanskrit at the most elementary level in day-to-day situations. The
English translation conveys the meaning without attempting a word for word
translation which is not practical due to differences in syntax, structure of
sentences, cultural differences etc.
 गृहसंभाषणम् ( Conservation at home)
            21.   ’भोजनम्’
अद्य प्रातराशः कः?  What is breakfast today
अद्य पाको
नाम पाकः Today is great cooking
अद्य रुचिरेव नास्ति? 
Why ? Today there is no taste at all (in the food)
रुचिरेव नास्ति वा?
No taste at all?
लवणं एव
नास्ति There is no salt at all
व्यञ्जने लवणं न्यूनम्  There is less salt in the cooked vegetable
अन्नं बहु उष्णम्
Rice is very hot
पुनः किंचित्
/एकं परिवेषयतु 
serve a little more/one more
जलं पूरयतु
Fill some water
एकचषकं जलं आनयतु
–Bring a glass of water
न रोचते वा? Don’t you like it?
लवणं किंचित् अधिकम्
Salt is a little more
अन्नम् – rice, सारम्
– rasam, लवणं –
salt, क्वथितम् – sambar, उपदंशम् – pickles
तक्रम् –butter milk व्यंजनं – side dish घृतम्
– ghee पर्पटं – pappad तैलं – oil
उपसेचनम् – chatney भर्जं
– fried
किं अम्ब!
कियत् परिवेषितम् ? Mother! how much you have served (in
the plate)?
कियत् अस्ति तत्
? How much of that is there?
किंचित् उपदंशं परिवेषयतु – Mother! serve a little pickles
अद्य कदा वा भोजनम्? Mother! When is lunch/dinner today?
सावधानं परिवेषयतु – Serve slowly (without hurry)
अद्य भूरि
Today is food feast
अधिकं जलं मा
पिबतु, पीनसः भवति
Don’t drink lot of water, you will catch cold
एतेन व्यञ्जनं करणीयं आसीत्  This was to be made into a dish
तेमनं न परिवेषितवती एव
You did not serve buttermilk huli
पुनः एकवारं पायसं परिवेषयतु  Serve another course of pudding
उत्तिष्ठतु, भोजनं कुर्मः
Get up, we shall have food
इदमिदानीं भोजनं समाप्तम् – Just now (I have) finished eating
मम चपाती-अभ्यासः नास्ति – I am not used to chapatis
उपदंशः अस्ति चेत् समीचीनं
It would have been good if pickles were there
किं भोः?
भोजनं एव न करोति 
What friend? You don’t eat at all
अन्ने केवलं पाषाणाः There are only stones in the rice (food)
तक्रार्थं अन्नं परिवेषयामि वा?
Shall I serve rice for buttermilk?
तक्रं न स्वीकरोति वा?
Don’t you take buttermilk?
भोजनं सम्यक् करोति चेत् क्रीडनकं ददामि
If (you) eat well I shall give you a toy
तेषां गृहे किं
भुक्तवान् what did you eat in their house?
शीघ्रं भोजनं करोतु,
विलंबः जातः 
Have food quickly, it is already late
इदानीं मास्तु, अनंतरं ददामि  Not now, I shall give later
किंचित् वा तक्रान्नं स्वीकरोतु  Take a little rice and buttermilk mix.
अद्य किं
भक्ष्यं – 
what is eatable today?
बहु मधुरम्
– very sweet
भुभुक्षा भवति – Mother! (I am) hungry
मम तु
इदानीं अतीव भुभुक्षा – Now I am terribly hungry
भोजनं सिद्धं वा,
शालायाः विलंबः भवति  Is
food ready? It will be late for school
भोजनं कृत्वा निद्रां करोतु  Take food and then sleep
परिवेषयामि OK, I will serve
किंचित् स्वीकरोतु – Accept a little
मास्तु, अधिकं भवति
– No, it will be more
परिवेषणार्थं कियान् विलंबः अयम्?
Why so much delay in serving (food)?
यावद् रोचते तावदेव स्वीकरोतु – Take only that much which you relish
सर्वे एकवारं एव उपविशंतु नाम
– Let all sit (for food) at the same time
घृतं एव न परिवेषितवती अहम् – Alas! I did not serve ghee at all
भवता वक्तव्यं आसीत् किल?  Was there something to be told by you?
कियान् विलंबः भोः,
शीघ्रं आगच्छतु How much delay friend, come quickly
सः इदानीमपि न
आगतवान् वा ? Has he not come even now?
स्थालिका स्थापिता वा?
Have the plates ( for serving food) been arranged?
स्थालिका एव न
स्थापिता! Even the plates are not arranged!
लवणं योजयतु,
सम्यक् भवति 
Put some salt, (it) will be alright
हस्तं प्रक्षाल्य उपविशतु  After washing your
hands, sit  (for food)
किमपि न आवश्यकम्
Nothing is required
संकोचः मास्तु  Don’t be shy (don’t
मम सकोचः एव नास्ति No, I don’t hesitate at all (I am not shy
at all)
मम अपि
किंचित्  A
little for me also
अत्र किंचित् परिवेषयतु Mother, serve a
little here
लवणं आवश्यकं इति कः उक्तवान्?  Who said that he wanted salt?
क्वथितापेक्षया सारः एव रुचिकरः Rasam is
tastier than sambar
एकैकशः वदतु नाम  Talk one after the other, let us see
विना शब्दं भोजनं कुर्वन्तु नाम  Eat silently, let us see
प्रथमः सः वा?
भवान् वा? 
He is the first one or you ?
पाकः शीतलः भवति  The food will become cold
पाकः तदानीं एव
सिद्धः Food was ready then itself
व्याघरणं  कृतं चेत् पाकः सिद्धः 
After topping up, the food will be ready
शाकः नास्ति,
किमपि नास्ति. अहं किं
There are no vegetables, there is nothing. What shall I do?
भवती क्वथितं कर्तुं एव
न जानाति, अम्ब!
Mother! you do not know how to make sambar?
ह्यस्तनव्यञ्जनं कियत् रुचिकरं आसीत्
How tasty was Yesterday’s curry?
कतिवारं उक्तवान्, एतत्
मह्यं न रोचते इति 
How many times I have told that I do not like this?
श्वः भवान् एव
पाकं करोतु  
Tomorrow you only prepare food.
एतस्य रुचिं पश्यतु   See the taste of
क्षीरं दूषितम्  milk is spoilt
तूष्णीं भोजनं करोतु  Eat silently
पुनः पुनः
चर्वित्वा भोजनं करोतु 
Eat the food chewing well
परिवेषणं कृतं, शीघ्रं आगच्छन्तु .  Food is served.
(All) come quickly
किमपि न स्वीकृतम्!
Nothing was availed (accepted, taken)!
पुनः एकवारं पृच्छतु  Ask once more
गृहसंभाषणम् ( Conservation at home)
   22. पितरः पुत्राः च
( Fathers and sons)
एतावत् पर्यन्तं कुत्र गतवान्  Where had you been up
to this time?
कुत्रापि न,
अत्रैव गतवान्  
No where, I was here only
पठनं किमपि नास्ति वा?  Is there nothing to study?
वक्ता प्रष्टा कोऽपि नास्ति वा?  Is there no one to say or ask?
सहस्रवारं उक्तं,
श्रुतवान् वा?   
(You have been) told a thousand times, have your ever heard?
मम गृहपाठः बहु
अस्ति   I
have lot of home work
अद्य एव
शुल्कं दातव्यं अस्ति  
The fees is to be paid today itself
अंतिमदिनांकः कदा?
When is the last date?
अद्य एव
दातव्यं वा? 
Is it to be paid today itself?
अद्य दातव्यं वा? What? Is it to be paid today?
एकं नवीनं युतकं आवश्यकम् Mother! I need a new yutakam
गोविन्द, आपणं
गत्वा आगच्छति वा? Govinda! Are you coming after going to
the market?
वेणीबन्धं करोतु, शालायाः विलंबः भवति
Mother! tie up my hair, it will be late for school
समयः कः
इति जानाति वा? (Do you) know what time it is?
इदानीं वा गृहं
प्रति आगमनम्? 
Is it the time for coming home?
पितरं एकवारं आह्वयतु call father once.
भवतः कृते
कथनापेक्षया स्वयं करणं वरम्  It
is better to do myself rather than telling you (to do it)
भवती अनन्तरं उपविशतु   You (female) sit afterwards
तस्य चत्वारि,
मह्यं तो त्रीणी एव 
For him four, for me only three?
सर्वं भवान् एव भक्षितवन् वा?  You have eaten the whole?
एकं कार्यं कतिवारं वक्तव्यम्?  One thing to be done, how many times to be
एककार्यस्यकृते कतिवारं आह्वानम् How many calls just for one job?
कुत्रापि स्थापयति, अनंतरं मां
पृच्छति (You) keep somewhere and then ask me
भोजनसमये आह्वयामि, गच्छतु इदानीम्
(I) shall call when it is time for eating, go now.
‘तेन सह न गन्तव्यम्’ इति दशवारं उक्तवती
(I) have told you ten times ‘Don’t go with him’.
पार्श्वगृहं गत्वा पत्रिकां आनयतु
Go to the next house and bring the newspaper
अहं पुटीकर्तुं
, एते व्यस्तं कर्तुम्  I
am for putting (things) in order, these are for scattering (them)
एतत् बहिः
क्षिप्त्वा आगच्छतु Throw this out and come
शाकं किञ्चित् कर्तयित्वा ददातु
Please just cut the vegetables and give
एकवारं एव सर्वं वदतु
भवती you tell me every thing all at once
भवान् धीमान्/कुशलः किल?
You are intelligent/clever, no?
अत्र किंचित् वेदना अस्ति Mother, there is some pain here
निद्रां करोतु,
सर्वं सम्यक् भवति go to sleep, everything will be alright
रात्रौ कषायं करोमि,
पीत्वा शयनं करोतु I shall prepare concoction at night,
drink and go to sleep
किंचित् पठतु नाम  Study a little, let us see
इदानीमेव निद्रा वा? 
why, you are sleepy right now? 
गणिते दश अंकाः एव
इति स्मरति वा? Remember you got 10 marks only in maths?
अन्यत्र पठितुं कथयतु Mother! Please ask me to study somewhere
एतावत् धनं न
पर्याप्तम् This much money is not sufficient
शिरसि तैलसमुक्षणं करोतु  Apply oil to your head
निद्रया आन्दोलनं करोति,
पश्यतु  He
is tossing in sleep, see
शिशुः रोदिति, पश्यतु
The child cries, see
संमार्जनं कृतवती वा
? Have you wiped (cleaned up) the (house)?
इदानीमपि रंगवल्लीं न लिखितवती वा?  Haven’t you drawn the rangoli until
कतिवारं वक्तव्यम्? How many times to be told?
कुत्र गतः?
गृहे नास्ति वा? 
Where has (he) gone? Not at home?
प्रत्युत्तरं मा वदतु
Don’t reply to what I say
उक्तं न श्रुतवान् वा?  Did you not hear what was told?
अद्यतनपत्रिकां ददातु  Give today’s paper
सः आगतः
एषः प्रस्थितः He has come, this person is starting to
रजकः वस्त्रं नीतवान् वा?
Washer man has taken the clothes?
रजकाय वस्त्राणि दत्तवती वा?
Have you given the clothes to the washer man?
आर्द्रवस्त्राणि आतपे प्रसारयतु
Spread the wet clothes in the sun
गत्वा शयनं करोतु  go and sleep
एकं आसंदं आनयतु  bring a chair
इदानीमपि निद्रा न आगता
Even now (you) haven’t got sleep?
पश्यतु, कः
शब्दं करोति See who is making noise
किमिदं, सर्वत्र अवकरः
What is this? everywhere garbage?
द्वारं पिदधातु (पिधीयताम्)
Shut the door
एतत् किंचित् गृह्णातु
Hold this a bit
मध्ये वार्तालापं मा करोतु
Do converse in the middle
कोलाहलं मा करोतु  Do not create a commotion
दीपं ज्वालयतु  Light the lamp
दीपं निर्वापयतु
Put out the light
व्यजनं चालयतु Switch on the fan
करदीपं गृहीत्वा गच्छतु, बहिः
Take a torch and go, it is darkness outside

अवहितमनसा कर्तव्यम्  should be done with a
focussed mind
तं यानं
आरोप्य आगच्छतु 
Put him on the bus and come
पाणिपादं प्रक्षालयतु  Wash your hand and
आरोग्यं निर्लक्ष्य मा पठतु  Don’t study neglecting (your) health
इतः परं
एवं न कर्तव्यम् Henceforth should not do like this
द्राविडप्राणायामेन मा वद्तु
Don’t talk in round-about way
सम्यक् दन्तधावनं करोतु  Brush (clean) your teeth well
विना कारणं कुप्यति   (You) get angry without any reason
वृथा कालहरणं करोति (You) are simply wasting time
मां वृथा मा  कोपयतु Don’t make me angry unnecessarily.
हठं मा करोतु  Don’t be adamant
किमर्थं भवान् क्षुभ्यति? Why do you become
प्रथमं शिरोमार्जनं करोतु First wipe your
आर्द्रं वस्त्रं न धारयतु Don’t wear wet
शीघ्रं स्नानं कृत्वा आगच्छतु Have a quick
bath (shower) and come
भाण्डे जलं अस्ति वा, पश्यतु See if there
is water in the tub?
आकाशवाणीं चालयतु Switch on the Radio
विविधभारतीं योजयतु  Tune to ‘Vividha Bharati’
वार्ता समाप्ता वा?  Is the news over?

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