(श्रीमद्भागवते दशमस्कंधे अध्यायः २ श्लोकाः २५-४२)
translations in English are by the disciples of His Divine Grace A.C.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as given in the “Srimad Bhagavatam” published by
the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust]
ब्रह्मा भवश्च तत्रैत्य मुनिभिर्नारदादिभिः।
देवैः सानुचरैः साकं गीर्भिर्वृषणमैडयन्
Lord Brahma and Lord Siva,
accompanied by great sages like Narada, Devala and Vyasa and by other demigods
like Indra, Chandra and Varuna, invisibly approached the room of Devaki where where
they all joined in offering their respectful obeisances and prayers to please
the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can bestow blessings upon every one.
[Note: Kamsa had confined
her in the room fearing the prediction of an unembodied voice, अशरीरवाक्, that
Devaki’s eighth child will kill him]
सत्यव्रतं सत्यपरं
त्रिसत्यं सत्यस्य योनिं निहितं च सत्ये।
सत्यस्य सत्यमृतसत्यनेत्रं
सत्यात्मकं त्वां शरणं प्रपनाः ॥२६॥
O Lord, You never deviate
from Your vow, which is always perfect because whatever you decide is perfectly
correct and cannot be stopped by anyone. 
Being present in the the three phases of cosmic manifestation –
creation, maintenance and annihilation – You are the Supreme Truth. Indeed,
unless one is completely truthful, one cannot achieve Your favour, which
therefore cannot be achieved by hypocrites. You are the active principle, the
real truth, in all the ingredients of creation, and therefore, you are known as
antaryami, the inner force. You are equal to everyone, and Your
instructions apply for everyone, for all time. 
You are the beginning of all truth. 
Therefore, offering our obeisances, we surrender unto You. Kindly give
us protection.
एकायनोऽसौ द्विफलस्त्रिमूलश्चतूरसः
पञ्चविधः षडात्मा।
सप्तत्वगष्टविटपो नवाक्षो
दशच्छदी द्विखगो ह्यादिवृक्षः ॥२७॥
The body [the total body
and the individual body are of the same composition] may figuratively be called
“the original tree”. From this tree, which fully depends on the ground of
material nature, come two kinds of fruit – the enjoyment of happiness and the
suffering of distress.  The cause of the
tree, forming its three roots, is association with the three modes of material
nature -goodness, passion and ignorance (sattwa, rajas and tamas).  The fruits of bodily happiness have four
tastes- religiosity, economic development, sense gratification and liberation (dharma,
artha, kaama
and moksha)- which are experienced through five senses
for acquiring knowledge in the midst of six circumstances: lamentation,
illusion, old age, death, hunger and thirst.. The seven layers of the bark
covering the tree are skin, blood, muscle, fat, bone, marrow and semen, and the
eight branches of the tree are the five gross and three subtle elements- earth,
water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego.  The tree of the body has nine hollows – the eyes,
the ears, the nostrils, the mouth, the rectum and the genitals – and ten
leaves, the ten airs passing through the body. In this tree of the body there
are two birds: one is the individual soul, and the other is the Supersoul.     
त्वमेक एवास्य सतः
प्रसूतिस्त्वं सन्निधानं  त्वमनुग्रहश्च।
त्वन्मायया मोहितचेतसस्त्वां
पश्यन्ति नाना न विपश्चितो ये ॥२८॥
The efficient cause of
this material world, manifested with the many varieties as the original tree,
is You, O Lord.  You are also the
maintainer of this material world, and after annihilation You are the one in
whom everything is conserved.  Those who
are covered by Your external energy (maya) cannot see You behind this
manifestation, but theirs is not the vision of learned devotees.  
बिभर्षि रूपाण्यवबोध
आत्मा क्षेमाय लोकस्य चराचरस्य।
सत्त्वोपपन्नानि सुखावहानि
सतामभद्राणि मुहुः खलानाम् ॥२९॥
O Lord, You are always in
full knowledge, and to bring all good fortune to all living creatures, You
appear in different incarnations, all of them transcendental to the material
creation.  You are pleasing to the pious
and religious devotees,  but for
nondevotees You are the annihilator.
समाधिनाऽऽवेशित चेतसैके।
त्वत्पादपोतेन महत्कृतेन
कुर्वन्ति गोवत्सपदं भवाब्धिम् ॥३०॥
O Lotus-eyed Lord, by
concentrating one’s meditation on Your lotus feet, which are the reservoir of
all existence, and by accepting those lotus feet as the boat by which to cross
the ocean of nescience, one follows in the footsteps of mahajanas (great
saints, sages and devotees).  By this
simple process, one can cross the ocean of nescience as easily as one steps
over the hoofprint of a calf.   
स्वयं समुत्तीर्य सुदुस्तरं
द्युमन् भवार्णवं भीममदभ्रसौहृदाः।
ते निधाय याताः सदनुग्रहो भवान् ॥३१॥
O Lord, who resemble the
shining sun, You are always ready to fulfil the desire of Your devotee, and
therefore You are known as a desire tree ( vaanchha-kalpataru). When acharyas
completely take shelter under Your lotus feet in order to cross the fierce
ocean of nescience, they leave behind on earth the method by which they cross,
and because You are very merciful to Your other devotees, You accept this
method to help them.  
आरुह्य कृच्छ्रेण परं
पदं ततः पतन्त्यधोऽनादृतयुष्मदङ्घ्रयः ॥३२॥
[Some one may say that
aside from devotees, who always seek shelter at the Lord’s lotus feet, there
are those who are not devotees but who have accepted different processes for
attaining salvation. What happens to them? In answer to this question, Lord Brahma
and other demigods said:] O Lotus-eyed Lord, although non-devotees who accept
severe austerities and penances to achieve the highest position may think
themselves liberated, their intelligence is impure.  They fall down from their position of imagined
superiority because they have o regard for Your lotus feet.  
तथा न ते माधव तावकाः
क्वचिद् भ्रश्यन्ति मार्गात्त्वयि बद्धसौहृदाः ।
त्वयाभिगुप्ता विचरन्ति
निर्भया विनायकानीकपमूर्धसु प्रभो ॥३३॥
O Madhava, Supreme
Personality of Godhead, Lord of the goddess of fortune, if devotees completely
in love with You sometimes fall from the path of devotion, they do not fall
like nondevotees, for You still protect them. 
Thus they fearlessly traverse the heads of their opponents and continue
to progress in devotional service
सत्त्वं विशुद्धं श्रयते
भवान् स्थितौ शरीरिणां श्रेयउपायनं वपुः।
येन जनः समीहते ॥३४॥
O Lord, during the time of
maintenance You manifest several incarnations, all with transcendental bodies,
beyond the material modes of nature. 
When You appear in this way, You bestow all good fortune upon the living
entities by teaching them to perform Vedic activities such as ritualistic
ceremonies, mystic yoga, austerities, penances, and ultiimately samadhi,
ecstatic absorption in thoughts of you. 
Thus You are worshiped by the Vedic principles.
सत्त्वं न चेद् धातरिदं
निजं भवेद् विज्ञानमज्ञानभिदापमार्जनम्।
भवा प्रकाशते यस्य च येन वा गुणाः ॥३५॥
O Lord, cause of all
causes, If Your transcendental body were not beyond the modes of material
nature, one could not understand the difference between matter and
transcendence.  Only by Your presence can
one understand the transcendental nature of Your Lordship, who are the
controller of material nature.  Your
transcendental nature is very difficult to understand unless one is influenced
by the presence of Your transcendental form.
न नामरूपे गुणजन्मकर्मभिर्निरूपितव्ये
तव तस्य साक्षिणः।
देव क्रियायां प्रतियन्त्यथापि हि ॥३६॥
O Lord, Your
transcendental name and form are not ascertained by those who merely speculate
on the path of imagination.  Your name,
form and attributes can be ascertained only through devotional service.

गृणन् संस्मरयंश्च चिन्तयन् नामानि रूपाणि च मङ्गलानि ते।
क्रियासु यस्त्वच्चरणारविन्दयोराविष्टचेता
न भवाय कल्पते  ॥३७॥
Even while engaged in
various activities, devotees whose minds are completely absorbed at Your lotus
feet, and who constantly hear, chant, contemplate and cause others to remember
Your transcendental names and forms, are always on the transcendental platform,
and thus they can understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead
दिष्ट्या हरेऽस्या
भवतः पदो भुवो भारोऽपनीतस्तव जन्मनेशितुः।
दिष्ट्याङ्कितां त्वत्पदकैः
सुशोभनैर्द्रक्ष्याम गां द्यां च तवानुकम्पिताम् ॥३८॥
O Lord, we are fortunate
because the heavy burden of the demons upon this earth is immediately removed
by Your appearance.  Indeed, we are
certainly fortunate, for we shall be able to see upon this earth and in the
heavenly planets the marks of lotus, conchshell, club and disc that adorn Your
lotus feet.

न तेऽभवस्येश भवस्य कारणं विना विनोदं बत तर्कयामहे।
भवो निरोधः स्थितिरप्यविद्यया
कृता यतस्त्वय्यभयाश्रयात्मनि॥३९॥
O Supreme Lord, You are
not an ordinary living entity appearing in this material world as a result of
fruitive activities.  Therefore Your
appearance or birth in this world has no other cause than Your pleasure
potency.  Similarly, the living entities,
who are part of You, have no cause for miseries like birth, death and old age,
except when these living entities are conducted by Your external energy.  
त्वं पासि नस्त्रिभुवनं
च यथाधुनेश भारं भुवो हर यदूत्तम वन्दनं ते ॥४०॥
O Supreme controller, Your
Lordship previously accepted incarnations as a fish, a horse, a tortoise,
Narasimhadeva, a boar, a swan, Lord Ramachandra, Parasurama and, among the
demigods, Vamanadeva, to protect the entire world by Your mercy.  Now please protect us again by Your mercy by
diminishing the disturbances in this world. 
दिष्ट्याम्ब ते कुक्षिगतः
परः पुमानंशेन साक्षाद् भगवान् भवाय नः।
मा भूद् भयं भोजपतेर्मुमूर्षोर्गोप्ता
यदूनां भविता तवात्मजः ॥४१॥
O Mother Devaki, by your
good fortune and ours, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, with all His
plenary portions, such as Baladeva, is now within your womb.  Therefore you need not fear Kamsa, who has
decided to be killed by the Lord. Your eternal son, Krishna, will be the
protector of the entire Yadu dynasty.  

पुरुषं यद्रूपमनिदं यथा।
ब्रह्मेशानौ पुरोधाय देवाः
प्रतिययुर्दिवम् ॥४२॥   

After thus offering prayers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
Lord Vishnu, the Transcendence, all the demigods, with Lord Brahma and Lord
Siva before them, returned to their homes in the heavenly planets. 

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