बाल्यावस्थादोष वर्णनम्
In these verses selected from the Vairagrya Prakarana of Yogavasishtham
Rama speaks to Viswamitra and other sages about 
the problems faced in childhood.
लब्ध्वाऽपि तरलाकारे कार्यभारतरङ्गिणि
सागरे जन्म बाल्यं दुःखाय केवलम् ॥१॥
After taking birth in the samasara
which is like an ocean full of water and waves represented by burden of duties,
childhood leads to nothing but misery.
अशक्तिरापदातृष्णा मूकता मूढबुद्धिता
गृध्नुता लोलता दैन्यं सर्वं बाल्ये प्रवर्तते ॥२॥
Lack of strength, distress, thirst,
dumbness, foolishness, stinginess, wavering mind, misery – childhood is full of
these things.
रोषरोदनरौद्रासु दैन्यजर्जरितासु च
दशासु बन्धनं बाल्यमालानं करिणामिव ॥३॥
Childhood is a  bondage (handicap) under all states such as
anger, crying, tears, fury, misery, pain etc. just as the chain used to tie an
elephant is bondage to it. 
तिर्यग्जातिसमारंभः सर्वैरेवाऽवधीरितः
लोलो बालसमाचारो मरणादपि दुःखदः ॥४॥
Childhood activities are similar to
those of animals.  Children are treated by
all with indifference. The activities of children  sometimes cause even death from water, air,
fire etc.
जलवह्न्यनिलाजस्रजातभीत्या पदे पदे
यद्भयं शैशवेऽबुध्या कस्याऽऽपदि हि तद्भवेत् ॥५॥
Even accidents may not be as fearful as the fear from water, fire,
air etc at every step in childhood because of lack of  sense. 
बाल्यं रम्यमिति व्यर्थबुद्धयः कल्पयन्ति ये
तान् मूर्खपुरुषान् ब्रह्मन् धिगस्तु हतचेतसः ॥६॥
O sage ! fie on those fools who imagine that childhood is
beautiful; they have lost their senses. 
सर्वेषामेव सत्त्वानां सर्वावस्थाभ्य एव हि
मनश्चञ्चलतामेति बाल्ये दशगुणं मुने ॥७॥
O Sage ! For all creatures, in all states during childhood the
mind is ten times more wavering.
सर्वाणि दुःखभूतानि सर्वे दोषा दुराधयः
बालमेवोपजीवन्ति श्रीमन्तमिव मानवाः ॥८॥
All miseries, all bad qualities and conditions depend on childhood
just as men depend on wealthy people.
नवं  नवं
प्रीतिकरं न शिशु प्रत्यहं यदि
प्राप्नोति तदसौ याति विषवैषम्यमूर्च्छताम् ॥९॥
If the child does not get every day newer and newer objects of
delight he becomes aggressive and loses control of himself. 
स्तोकेन वशमायाति स्तोकेनेति विकारताम्
अमेध्य एव रमते बालः कौलेयको यथा ॥१०॥
The child is satisfied with 
only a little;  Only a little is
sufficient to put him out.  He revels in
excreta like a dog.
अन्तश्चित्तैरशक्तस्य शीतातपनिवारणे
को विशेषो महाबुद्धे बालस्य वीरुधस्तथा ॥११॥
The child bears extremes of cold and heat without being able to
counteract them.  O Sage ! how is the
child different from the  trees in the
forest ?
इह न कस्यचिदेव महामुने
भवति बाल्यमलं परितुष्टये ॥१२॥
Who in this world will be delighted with childhood where the mind
is tainted by bad qualities and actions are indiscriminately guided by
ignorance only. 

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