योगवासिष्ठम्-वैराग्यप्रकरणम्- सर्गः १८
                 देहगुगुप्सा वर्णनम्
In these verses selected from the Vairagrya
of Yogavasishtham Rama speaks to Viswamitra and other
sages about  the body which is the root
cause of misery.   
विकारी परितापवान्
देहः स्फुरति संसारे
सोऽपि दुःखाय केवलम् ॥१॥
This physical
body (inherited by living beings) in this world contains intestines wet (with
urine and stool) and a network of nerves and blood vessels. It is subject to
constant change, is the cause of much pain and yields nothing but sorrow and
अज्ञोऽपि तज्ञसदृशो
युक्त्या भव्योऽप्यभव्योऽपि
न जडो नाऽपि चेतनः ॥२॥
Though ignorant it appears to
be wise; It envelops and covers the light of the soul. It is neither pretty nor
ugly and is neither sentient nor insentient.  
दोलायित दुराशयः
अविवेकी विमूढश्च
मोहमेव प्रयच्छति॥३॥
This body
oscillates between the states of being sentient and insentient.  It is evil-minded, indiscriminate and
dull.  It leads only to delusion. 
स्तोकेनाऽऽयाति खेदिताम्
नाऽस्ति देहसमः
शोच्यो नीचो गुणबहिष्कृतः ॥४॥
It is satisfied with very
little and dissatisfied also with very little. 
There is nothing more pitiable than the body which is mean and devoid of
good qualities. 
तात संतरणार्थेन
गृहीतायं पुनः पुनः
भावि देहलतायां  च कस्य स्यादात्मभावना॥५॥
O Sage! This
body is taken again and again to cross over this samsara and attain moksha.  Who will have the idea of Self in this
creeper of a body.
व्यायामविरसः कायवृक्षोऽयं
न सुखाय मे ॥६॥
The inherited
vansanas (tendencies, impressions) the root of which has not been cut is
the cause of this human form (body) which is difficult to get. It shies away
from hard work.  This tree of a body does
not give me any happiness. 
लुठत्वभ्येतु वा
स्थेयं किमनेन मुने मम ॥७॥
This body is the big house of
Ego.  Let it go or come or remain stable.
O sage! Of what is this to me?
नेष्टे देहगृहं मुने ॥८॥
This body
houses all diseases.  It is the seat of
wrinkles and greying. It is the forest of all types of miseries.  I do not like this body-house. 
किं श्रिया किं
च राज्येन किं कायेन किमीहितैः
दिनैः कतिपयैरेव
कालः सर्वं  निकृन्तति॥९॥
What is the use of wealth,
kingdom, body and desires? Time (Death) will snatch everything in a few days.
सबाह्याभ्यन्तरं मुने
नाशैकधर्मिणो ब्रूहि
का वा कायस्य रम्यता ॥१०॥
O Sage ! What is pretty about
this body which is made up of flesh and blood inside and outside and which, by
nature, is perishable. 
मरणावसरे काया
जीवं नाऽनुसरन्ति ये
तेषु तात कृतघ्नेषु
का वाऽऽस्था वद धीमताम् ॥११॥
The body does
not follow the Jiva on death. Which intelligent person will care for
this body which is so ungrateful because it does not follow the jiva on death?  
भुक्त्वा पीत्वा
चिरां कालं बालपल्लवपेलवाम्
तनुतामेत्य यत्नेन
विनाशमनुधावति ॥१२॥
Though it
eats and drinks well over a long period and is maintained well with great
effort it becomes like a tender leaf and hastens towards destruction.     
सुचिरं प्रभुतां
कृत्वा संसेव्य विभवं प्रियम्।
नोत्थानमेति न
स्थैर्यं कायः किमिव पाल्यते ॥१३॥
It lords over others for a
long time and enjoys all comforts which wealth can give.  But it never rises above this level nor gains
stability.  Of what use is nourishing
such a body?
जराकाले जरामेति
मृत्युकाले तथा मृतिम्
सम एवाऽविशेषज्ञः
कायो भोगिदरिद्रयोः ॥१४॥
This body ages during old age
and dies when the time for death arrives. 
Whether it is a wealthy person or a poor man, this body does not
recognise the difference.
न किञ्चिदपि दृश्येऽस्मिन्
सत्यं तेन हतात्मना
चित्रं दग्धशरीरेण
जनता  विप्रलंभते ॥१५॥
Whatever in
this world is perceived by the senses is not real and will perish.  It is a wonder that people still feel the
pangs of separation over a burnt body of a dead person. 

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