योगवसिष्ठम् – वैराग्यप्रकरणम् -सर्गः १७     
In these verses selected from the Vairagrya Prakarana of Yogavasishtham
Rama speaks to Viswamitra and other sages about  greed (desire)
तृष्णयेह दुरन्तया
स्फुरन्ति चेतनाकाशे
दोषाः कौशिकपङ्क्तयः ॥१॥
Because of
the never ending greed,  there manifest,
in the chidakasha (consciousness ), many  bad qualities,  like a pack of owls in a pitch dark night.  
पङ्क आदित्यदीप्त्येव
शोषं नीतोऽस्मि चिन्तया ॥२॥
The blissful rasa
 of Atmajnaana  is dried up by the worries (desire for
material things)  which scorch my
internals just as the heat of the sun dries up mud.
मम चित्तमहारण्ये
शून्ये ताण्डविनी
जाता भृशमाशापिशाचिका ॥३॥
The ghost of desires dances in
the great forest of my mind which is enveloped by the darkness of delusion.   
नूनं विकासमायाति
चिन्ताचणकमञ्जरी ॥४॥
The chanaka
blossom of desires is nourished by the dew drops of tears shed by sorrowful
utterances and increased by the proximity of the garden of dhathura
flowers (काञ्चन means also gold i.e. wealth)
अलमन्तः भ्रमायैव
तृष्णा तरलिताशया
आयता विषमोल्लासमूर्मिरंबुनिधाविव
Greed deludes  and submerges the mind just like large tumultuous
waves in the sea. 
वेगं संरोद्धुमुदितो
वात्ययेव जरत्तृणम्
नीतः कलुषया क्वाऽपि
तृष्णया चित्तचातकः ॥६॥
Though this chataka bird  of mind tries to control this turbid greed,
the latter leads the mind to a miserable condition just as strong wind blows
away dried grass.  
दूरदूरमितो गत्वा
समेत्य च पुनः पुनः
भ्रमत्याशु दिगन्तेषु
तृष्णोन्मत्ता तुरङ्गमी ॥७॥
Like an intoxicated mare this
greed goes farther and father, returns again and again  and wanders in the ten directions.
तृष्णया नित्यकष्टया
खगेष्विव किरात्येदं
जालं लोकेषु रच्यते ॥८॥
Just like a hunter spreads his
net to trap birds, the greed  for sons,
friends, wives  etc. gives enough
troubles spreading its net for trapping people.  
अपि मेरुसमं प्राज्ञमपि
शूरमपि स्थिरम्
तृणीकरोति तृष्णैका
निमेषेण नरोत्तमम् ॥९॥
Greed (desire) can reduce to
the status of a blade of grass,  in no
time,   even the best of men tall as
Meru, wise, valiant and steadfast..   

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